Jason Derulo Performed On A Hoverboard At The EMAs

The occasion was MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA) 2015 in Assago, near Milan hoisted by singer Ed Sheeran and actress Ruby Rose. When the drums rolled for Jason Derulo, it was very much expected that he would deliver a performance to remember. The auditorium went dark, Jason appeared on the screen and asked everyone to sit back and enjoy the show. The spotlight focused on the platform where he was standing. The platform lowered with Jason performing his sizzling dance moves on his latest song “Want To Want Me”. So far everything was normal- he was singing and the crowd was going mad over him. But then he did something unexpected. The moment he landed on stage, he stepped on a Hoverboard! Yes, you read it right. A HOVERBOARD! hoverboard family will give you information about hoverboards

For those who don’t know what a hoverboard is ( see hoverboard pas cher on sale )- it’s a portable, self-balancing 2-wheeler board with the wheels arranged side-by-side and platform between the wheels where the rider stands.
Now, some of you must be thinking what’s great in that? Well, he didn’t just step on the hoverboard, he DANCED on it! Those who have actually used a hoverboard, exactly know how difficult it is to balance on it, leave alone dancing! But well, he is Jason Derulo! One can expect the unexpected from him. One could actually see the hard work he had put through to come up with this extraordinary performance. If you haven’t seen the performance yet, go ahead.

The turn that he took right before the first chorus just added to the beauty of the whole act and it fitted so well with the rhythm and the song. Anything could have gone horribly wrong, but the man’s got skills! Surrounded by dancers on hoverboards, he danced flawlessly on the chorus of the song. It felt as if the hoverboard was an integral part of his body and he was mind-controlling it. This whole hoverboard act helped Jason gain a lot of fans and praises from around the world. Although there were a few people who wished to see him fall flat on his face, the fans outnumbered those haters. Well, there are a few in this world who don’t want to appreciate talent and criticize on everything. God help those people! Because bringing something new to the audience is an art and requires hard work and dedication. And a true art should always be appreciated!Way to go Jason! We would love to see such more unique performances on these Award nights!